My 'old' Peugeot 206 HDi 1.4 from dec 23th 2005

Here shown with 16" Dotz Daytona rims


The interior

The left side

The right side

My new Peugeot 407 HDi 1.6 from may 16th 2007

Here shown with 16" Peugeot Univers rims


The car at the dealership

The left side

The right side

The interior 1

The interior 2

2007.04.10 - Information gathering and evaluation about the 407 begins.
2007.04.19 - Peugeot 407 test drive.
2007.04.20 - Final equipment list and color decided.
2007.04.20 - Peugeot 407 ordered (2-3 weeks delivery time).
2007.04.25 - Update from Peugeot. The 407 has been assigned to me and delivery is now about 1-2 weeks.
2007.04.27 - Due to new rules regarding car taxation the price for both the 206 (which is part of the deal) and 407 have been lowered some. Peugeot wanted time to recalculate and will get back to me next week.
2007.05.03 - New agreement reached with Peugeot.
2007.05.03 - Delivery is delayed due to the main storage facilities being behind. Peugeot couldn't tell me when delivery was due, but would give me an update next week.
2007.05.10 - The 407 has been delivered to the dealership and they will begin making the car ready with the extra things I added to the basic equipment list. Final delivery is at the 16th.
2007.05.16 - The deal is now complete save for one small issue. The winter tires where not in stock, so I will have to go get those on a later date. (personal note: the driving experience is awesome)

Feature list